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How Do Freight Brokers Get Shipment Orders?

How do freight brokerages locate loads? They employ a mix of industry-specific and traditional marketing strategies. How freight brokers find cargoes.

Brokerages often locate cargoes this way. They check at load boards, which they commonly subscribe to, to find loads they can cover and bid on them. The shipper may accept their offer if it is better than other brokers or carriers.

Trucker Tools’ Book It Now® function benefits BlueGrace carriers. This solution automates load booking and confirmation through a mobile app for truckers and carriers. Referrals are, like in nearly any industry, a broker’s finest praise. When brokers give exceptional service to a shipper, they should ask for load recommendations. Contacts within a company they deal with may have connections within another organization, and that company may be more willing to listen to a broker if they already know their services are valued.

Freight brokers might find new shippers by using sales or marketing techniques. Essentially, you contact or email a firm and inquire if they might utilize your services (i.e., they have loads to haul). This strategy can annoy brokers and individuals they’re soliciting, therefore it’s not the greatest.

Warm calls are similar cold calls, but you identify shippers that need your services. Brokers examine firms online or through databases to determine whether they have freight that falls into the broker’s wheelhouse.

Brokers may find shippers using nontraditional channels. LinkedIn lets brokers connect with shippers who may require their services, while In-Mail lets them send bids to shipping decision makers in their target market. Brokers might find business the same way other industry titans do: marketing efforts. Direct mailers, targeted web advertisements, or social media marketing strategies may be used. - All rights reserved. © copyright 2022